Success story of Monira Begum, a cattle raiser

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Monira Begum takes care of her cattle on Thursday. 	— FE Photo Monira Begum takes care of her cattle on Thursday. — FE Photo

MAGURA, Sept 28: The story is about a successful cattle fattener Monira Begum. Monira Begum is the wife of Moniruzzaman of Islampur area in Magura town. Now she is at the age of 62. But she is still hard working and determined to reach her goal. Her indomitable spirit has defeated her oldness.
Her husband is involved in cattle rearing from his young age. So Monira Begum was working from just after her marriage to assist her husband in cattle rearing.
Now they possess 6 cattle and they meet up their family expenses by selling the milk of the cow. But 9 years back a new idea came to her brain and this is cattle fattening and selling in Eid market. She started cattle fattening with only one cattle which she purchased at the cost of Tk 15,000.
After fattening the cattle she was able to sell it in Eid market at Tk 30,000.
This is a good profit for Monira. She was inspired and considered cattle fattening as a lucrative business. Next year she extended her project and fattened three cattleheads. Day by day she extended her business and finally this year she purchased 10 cattle at the cost of Tk 0.2 million and 10 thousand. She has earned Tk 0.3 million and 20 thousands by selling her 8 cattle before Eid Ul Azha . Two other cattles are still in her possession and she is expecting Tk 90,000 from those. That is her earning will stand at more than Tk 0.4 million and 10 thousand while her investment was Tk 0.2 million and 10 thousand.
Monira Begum said, "I have found cattle fattening as a lucrative business. She said, "My husband always stands by me to run my business. Cattle fattening has brought solvency in my family. Moreover I have created employment opportunity for some women through this business. I desire to extend my business and extend employment opportunity if I get congenial loan support. Though local office of the Bangladesh Krishi Bank provided me loan that is not enough.
Moniruzzaman, husband of Monira Begum told, "Earlier I maintained my family with the meagre earning of selling milk. When I was fighting for survival cattle fattening by my wife has come as a boon in my family .Now we are enjoying solvency. I am proud of my wife."
Krishi Bank official in Magura Baharul Islam said, "Sanctioning loan we have to follow some conditions. However I shall cordially treat the matter of Monira Begum."

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