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Nursery business thrives in Magura

| Updated: March 12, 2020 11:47:39

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Nursery business is gaining popularity in the district.

Nursery entrepreneur sources said the initiative was rarely seen in the area around 10 years ago. Now people are showing interest in nursery business for making high profit.

Low investment and high demand for saplings are the main reasons for flourishing venture in the district.

District Forests Department sources said there are a total of 165 nurseries in the district. Most of the nurseries were established within last 10 years.

Ridoy Hossen of Kukna village under Magura Sadar said, "I started a nursery business two years ago on my 15 decimals of land. In the first year I made a profit of Tk 80,000 while my investment was Tk 10,000. Now I have extended my business on 30 decimals of area."

Another nursery owner Kabir Hossen of Bethulia village under Mohammapdur upazila said litchi and mango fruits were not cultivated in the district commercially. But now Magura farmers are growing the two fruits on commercial basis. Moreover, both demand and price of varieties of flower have increased in the local market. So nursery owners are making a handsome profit every month."

Jalal Hossen of Batikadanga village under Magura Sadar said, "I have a nursery on 150 decimal of land. My profit stands at about Tk 0.5 million per year. Moreover, I have employed 20 labourers in my nursery."

Official of a local NGO Shafiqur Rahman said nursery holds a bright prospect in Magura due to soil, weather and geographical position. Nursery is a grand source of self-employment.

Easy loan facility would help the people flourish the business rapidly.

Bangladesh Krishi Bank, Magura Branch Manager Baharul Islam said for getting loan a nursery entrepreneur should have his own land to mortgage it. Moreover, registration of nursery is a must. But most of the nurseries in the district are on lease lands and have no registration.

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