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Natore farmers growing cabbage in eco-friendly way

Natore farmers growing cabbage in eco-friendly way

Eco-friendly pheromone traps in cabbage field are gaining popularity in Natore district.

A good number of farmers said the method reduces the production cost as it does not require pesticides for cultivating the vegetable.

Pheromone is a chemical substance that is produced by an insect. It usually serves as a stimulus for other insects of the same species. It is used in a certain product to attract and trap unwanted and harmful pests.

A capsule containing female sex hormone of insects is hung in the plastic bottle with one inch of soap-water and two holes are created in the middle of the container for the entry of insects.

Meanwhile, the peasants in different areas under the district are achieving success in growing toxic-free cabbage using eco-friendly pheromone trap during this current season, said sub-assistant agriculture officer of DAE Aziziur Rahman.

The peasants of the district are showing much interest in using eco-friendly pheromone trap instead of harmful pesticides which has already proved successful among the growers.

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