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Beauty and beyond with Ishrat Zaheen Ahmed

| Updated: September 25, 2022 17:37:05

Beauty and beyond with Ishrat Zaheen Ahmed

A girl who used to play with different makeup looks for fun is now a beauty content creator and one of the top finalists in the LUX superstar beauty pageant show. That’s Ishrat Zaheen Ahmed’s story in a few words.

Ishrat started to play with makeup products at the age of eleven. Her aunt used to give her foreign branded makeup products. She had not acknowledged the uses of those products back then. But she is different from other teenagers as she didn’t stop at her failure.

“I have been passionate about makeup and decorating myself since early childhood. When I was twelve, everyone laughed at my putting lipstick and makeup products indiscriminately all over my face. I was interested to know about the products and their uses.”

And what helped her then? Google and Youtube tutorials! “I was shocked seeing the tutorials on how people can transform into a new look with makeup. That’s where my journey began,” Ishrat shared.

Through continuous practice, Ishrat could develop the skill of creating a flawless makeup base at just seventeen. She joined Ponds as an Agency Supervisor. There she participated in a training workshop by skilled dermatologists, which helped her in many ways.

“I tried to learn and collect advice as much as possible from the dermatologists and the experts. I became familiar with the ingredients, their benefits and their harms on completion. Moreover, I could recommend products according to the user’s skin condition,” Ishrat shared.

“This experience helped me start my Youtube channel, ‘Your Majesty.’ Initially, I just posted my makeup videos as tutorials. Now, my main focus is on natural beauty and skincare.”

According to Ishrat, many tend to hide their facial flaws with makeovers. Makeup products can hamper our skin’s breathing and cause skin issues. Makeup can never be a tool to get the feeling of a better appearance. Also, some people hide their natural skin shade with makeup, whereas they should have been working on their natural skin health to look more presentable.

“In my long makeup journey, I realised that makeup is not more beautiful than natural beauty. As a makeup lover, I use minimal makeup products to promote this mentality. I avoid working on my base makeup. This allows my skin to breathe normally. I apply my regular skin care products, and after that, I put on some blush, highlighter, eyebrow gel, eyeliner, and lipstick.”

“Work on your natural beauty and never poke a pimple if you do not know the correct procedure. This might turn into an open wound. If you love to do makeup, be satisfied with a lesser amount as more products will result in a cakey makeup base,” suggested Ishrat.

As per Ishrat’s skincare knowledge, she shared a tip to deal with acne or pimples. You need to sanitise your pimple popper with rubbing alcohol. Put on gloves to avoid any sort of bacteria. After popping pimples, a hole is created like an open wound. Try not to allow any dust particles to enter that.

A home remedy she shared is to take a small amount of toothpaste and mix it with water. This will make a mild form of toothpaste. Use a cotton bud to apply the paste over the pimple only. Leave it overnight and wash it off the next day. If you feel unsafe with home remedies, you can use benzoyl peroxide-based acne gel. Clindax- B can give you the best results in this regard.

 “I am always confident about myself and my work. Everyone has many flaws in their life. But I made it to the top finalist of Lux superstar with much dedication, hardship, and the mentality that, if I can not do it, then no one can.”

Success is not easy. Israt proved it by gaining it the hard way. She dreams of going much bigger with her Youtube channel and is well on course for that.

“If you have a passion for anything developing in yourself, work hard to get skilled in it. Because when you are working on something that your soul loves to do, surely you will gain success in that field,” she concluded.

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