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Tales of a champion

| Updated: April 28, 2021 21:41:57

Tales of a champion

A home for nurturing the most ideal academic and co-curricular excellence, DPS STS School Dhaka has been the top priority for guardians and students aiming for the most eulogised careers. The school’s veracity has once again been attested, with prodigy Sher A Mohammad Tabib recently securing a place at the prestigious academia of the University of Delaware, USA.

Tabib, an achiever by nature, stood apart from the rest from a very early age with his progressive ideas and courageous endeavours. The genuine spark to utilise every opportunity that comes his way has earned Tabib a special place among all his peers and mentors.

“I believe that we should not wait for the ‘right time’ to come, rather try our best to turn any time into the best of times,” said Tabib regarding his indomitable spirit to explore the areas of personal and social development.

“Of course, things like higher degrees, financial independence, and increased personal network matter a lot when you initiate any venture. But if you have the right passion for it, you can always find your way through,” he added. And rightfully so, Tabib has set an incredible example by becoming a successful entrepreneur with his clothing brand “Tyche” at the age of the only 17! The 12th grader also owns a sportswear brand called ‘Vuelve’. Additionally, he is on the verge of starting a musical instrument brand company ‘Bass Bangladesh’. Tabib also runs a youth lifestyle magazine titled ‘BILLZ,’ which is gaining exclusive momentum among the country’s trendy young population. He aims to manufacture musical instruments and sports accessories at an affordable price for the rising talents of the country.

“The youth is the future of this country and I want to help them explore their talents for which I have taken such initiatives. Let it be music or sports, I want to stand by them and make sure their dreams turn into reality,” he added.

As Tabib gears up for his new journey at the University of Delaware, he takes inspiration from the institution’s gratifying list of alumni, including the current President of United States, Joe Biden, and the First Lady of United States, Jill Biden. The sheer magnitude of academic and professional eminence by his forerunners has already got Tabib motivated to a whole new degree. Tabib is currently included in the deferral list for the Early Action Programme at Harvard, where a green signal can change his career for the best possible outcomes. Besides, the simultaneous offers from other renowned academies like the New York Institute of Technology, Eastern Michigan University, and Hofstra University have boosted Tabib’s confidence in himself, which he believes shall be imperative on his life courses ahead.

“I am deeply indebted to my mentors, especially Ms Tahmina Sultana and Mr Masum Bellah, for their consistent guidance as well as mental support,” said an exhilarated Tabib. “My school has given me the platform to stand confidently and look ahead with determination. Wherever I may find myself in the future, I shall always be proud to have been a DPS STS disciple.”

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