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Experts share career insights with students

| Updated: June 24, 2021 00:56:04

Experts share career insights with students

Since educational institutions have been closed for a long time, students of all ages are getting mentally stressed everyday. Myriads of questions arising in their mind like- how they are supposed to prepare for the future, what sort of obstacles they will face, what type of extra-curricular activities they should participate right now, etc. Chittagong University Career Club and Youth 360 have jointly organised ‘Youth Career Talks’-- a series of live webinars, to answer and discuss all these questions.

The event had the aim to discuss  concerns of youths regarding employment, education, mental wellbeing, social activism, etc. through these live sessions and provide support and insights discussed by the industry experts in different sectors.

The event featured 10 episodes, each with an expert from different industries to share industry experiences. Famous TV host Naveed Mahbub, Md Sohan Haidear from Smartifier Academy, Barrister Rafsan Chowdhury from Easecom, Dr Sakia Haque from Travelettes of Bangladesh, Ilmul Haque Sajib from Sheba Platform Limited, Habibul Mustafa Arman from Khaas Food, and many other guests attended live episodes of the Youth Career Talks. Starting from May 26, the episodes ended on June 21.

SM Shahriar Alam, president of Chittagong University Career Club, is thrilled to see the success of the event. He said, “Youth Career Talks has been a great learning experience for students who will pursue their career in different sectors after graduation. The audience, mostly students, got the basic information about various job sectors through this programme.”

On the other hand, MAH Rafsan Jani, founder of Youth 360, said, “In our country, most of the population are young right now, but they're going through depression thinking about their future. Hopefully, our event helped many youths find their way to overcome obstacles.”

 The writer is a third-year student of Department of Banking and Insurance, University of Chittagong.

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