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Recreating your home with Puja-look

| Updated: October 31, 2020 12:48:41

- Photo collected from internet has been used only for representational purpose - Photo collected from internet has been used only for representational purpose

Puja is here and everyone seems to be busy making it more special. The tasks we set for ourselves include wearing new attires, making special dishes, giving ourselves a new look and more.

How about adding little touches to your home to spread more joy? Let’s see how we can give our homes a fabulous makeover with easy efforts.

First of all, junk furniture and other things which are not needed anymore. Maybe you need to get rid of those.

Amid busy schedules, we often do not get enough time to have a look at us and our living places. But when a festival or celebration appears, we start thinking of clearing them up. Though it is not always easy, we need to change some old and unnecessary pieces of furniture to let the house breathe for a while and then go for the re-decoration plans.

The look of a room depends on the colour a lot. Light and bright colours brighten the environment as well. Besides, the change of colour brings a splash of newness and it almost feels like a new room! Wall art can also be added to bring a little more sophistication. When the style and design of the art are unique as per one’s choice and personality, it will enhance a strong personal vibe, too. Wall art is mastered best when the artwork-colour is contrasted with the wall-colour, or we may say, the canvas-colour.

Changing curtains, sofa cushions, or bed sheets are a regular change, and it does not need to be mentioned separately but there is always room for new ideas and how you want your home to look this Puja. Many theme based fabrics are available that you can also customize according to your need. Using your wish and choice, get a pleasant surprise in this mundane procedure, too.

No doubt, the flower is the symbol of beauty and aesthetics and it is always relevant for any kind of decoration. A flower vase filled with colourful and scentful flowers from your favorite kind could be a great way to start the home decoration agenda. But it is necessary to keep in mind that flowers should be changed from time to time and the proper management should be assured before. If a few garlands are hanged in the doorway, guests will feel florally welcomed and nothing could be more refreshing.

Decorating accessories like statues or artwork is a good way to add a festive look to the living room. Mandala art, which is popular as Alpona in Bangla, is a traditional form of art with a combination of bright colours. While permanent mandala artworks can be bought or created on a canvas, temporary mandala on the floors seems more authentic and festive. It is difficult to make and manage, though.

Lighting in the evening with fairy lights and lamps will make the houses look like an event venue and the celebration vibe will enhance to a great extent. Scented floating candles inside the house accompanied with some flowers in a small cement pond or a glass bowl will provide a fresh and enlightened surrounding. If the environment includes some Puja music, the evening becomes more soothing and peaceful.

While food is one of the most significant parts of festive days, there should be some decoration regarding our meal, too. For having a celebrated dining feel, let’s avoid the regular ceramic, glass, or steel utensils. Food can be served with traditional bronze or brass utensils if possible. If not, earthenware will be just fine.

A festival is just an occasion to remember that somewhere there is an escape route from our work pressure and boring lifestyle. Many people are lucky enough to maintain a bypass road even in regular life, but to most of us, festivals are the dated celebration which we want to utilise at our best. In this whole procedure, we can always recreate and re-decorate our inside life, our home with an excuse of an occasion which we all deserve.

Anindeta Chowdhury is a student at the department of Mass Communication and Journalism, the University of Dhaka.

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