Tarique will be brought to justice, says PM

| Updated: December 09, 2022 08:49:12

File photo of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. (Collected) File photo of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. (Collected)

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday said the government will take necessary steps for the extradition of the BNP's acting Chairman Tarique Rahman to Bangladesh where he has been convicted for a series of crimes.

“Tarique is a convict who left the country after signing a bond. We will contact the British government and bring him home. He will face punishment," she said while virtually attending an Awami League meeting today (Thursday).

The prime minister also hit out at Western nations, who for all their talk about humanity and stamping out corruption, are sheltering convicted killers, reports bdnews24.com.

"We are aware of the situation in the countries that criticise the democratic process in Bangladesh. Every day people are killed there, elections are rigged and even the [US] Capitol was attacked. Do we need to take lessons in democracy from them? This is Bangladesh and our democracy will last forever."

"The US has been sheltering one [of Bangabandhu's] killers while another is in Canada. Some of them are in Pakistan as well. I'll ask everyone to send them back."

Hasina also vowed to bring the BNP to account if their actions cause suffering to the public. "We need to highlight the misdeeds of the BNP. And, we can't just keep quiet if they attack us [the Awami League]."

"The people who are against the spirit of independence and opt for violence can't be allowed to come into power. Do you think they can topple us? They will remain where they are."

The government will not tolerate or allow the BNP to torch public transport or commit other acts, Hasina warned. "They can't do it as everyone has mobile phones with cameras and CCTVs are everywhere. We can look at the footage and punish the perpetrators."

In contrast with the BNP, the Awami League does not engage in the politics of vengeance, according to Hasina. The prime minister also spoke about the torture that people, especially women, were subjected to during the 2001 term of the BNP-Jamaat coalition government.

"The Awami League could take revenge over the BNP's torture of our leaders and activists in 2001 when it returned to power in 2009. But we never did that."

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