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Service delivery: Police units need to work in sync

| Updated: September 19, 2020 16:23:36

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It's Covid time. The government has withdrawn restrictions on most economic activities and resumed the services of the public transports for the sake of livelihoods.

Justifiably, however, the authorities have not allowed social gatherings for health-safety reasons. That is why convention halls and party centres that are rented out for wedding ceremonies and other social functions have until now kept their shutters down and are counting heavy losses daily.

But some insensible people in a few localities of the city are found organising marriage parties and musical events blocking the roads. Much to the inconvenience of the other residents in these localities, loudspeakers used by the organisers of these events blare out loud music even during deep into the night.

The local police are supposed to stop this nuisance, but they are found to be indifferent. Some police stations even do not know that social gatherings are not allowed now because of the pandemic.

A case in point is a musical event that took place blocking a road of Adarshanagar, a public sector housing project for low-income people under the Pallabi thana, on Thursday evening.

When the sound of the music became unbearable, someone residing nearby failing to connect the duty office at the Pallabi Police station sought help from the 999-national emergency service at around 8 pm. The operator threw the line to the Pallabi thana duty officer who promised to stop the nuisance immediately. But there was no change in the situation. Another resident later had contacted the duty officer straight. The officer also promised to take action. But the event continued until its participants became exhausted fully at around 1.0 am.

The operators at the national emergency service, a unit of the Bangladesh Police, are found to be prompt, and highly cooperative, but the police personnel responsible for delivering the services at the field level, in most cases, are not. The latter manning the police stations do take things casually and are found to be not serious about dealing with cases of non-compliance with government orders/directives.

All the organs/ operatives are not in sync in the matters of service delivery. The Bangladesh Police, the DMP in particular, should look into the issue, said an aggrieved resident in Mirpur area.


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