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Hasan Mahmud backs participation of MPs in local election campaigns

| Updated: January 11, 2022 21:51:16

Hasan Mahmud backs participation of MPs in local election campaigns

Information and Broadcasting Minister Hasan Mahmud has said the provision regarding MPs' non-participation in the campaign of local government elections is discriminatory.

“Lawmaker Shamim Osman has declared that he would work in favour of the 'Boat' (the electoral symbol of Awami League) in Narayanganj City Corporation polls. I think that it is the right decision. But I saw that some media have claimed that he (Shamim Osman) violated the electoral code of conduct," he said.

“According to the electoral code of conduct of the Election Commission, lawmakers cannot take part in any local government elections. But there are no such types of code of conducts in neighbouring countries even in Europe," he continued.

The minister came up with the statement while replying to a query of the reporters at his official residence in the city's Mintu Road area on Tuesday, reports BSS.

Mentioning that lawmakers of other countries can take part in the electioneering, Hasan said, "Even, the chief ministers and minister of the neighbouring country can take in polls campaign without protocol."

He said these types of restrictions were not seen even in 2015 and many claimed that the provision is undemocratic.

"The issue was brought under the notice of the commission many times from our party (Awami League). Even, I was present at some meetings," said Hasan, also AL joint general secretary.

Replying to another query over a comment of BNP leader Ruhul Kabir Rizvi on the Covid-19 issue, the minister said it has seemed that BNP leaders have lost their sagacity after failing to countenance Awami League politically so they are now talking nonsense.

He said many countries even the neighbouring countries could not deal with the ongoing COVID 19 situation like Bangladesh.

“The role of the prime minister was lauded across the globe and the country's economy is still boosting due to appropriate measures in controlling the COVID 19 epidemic,” he added.

The minister said the position of Bangladesh is the third among the 20 countries which could be able to keep positive GDP growth in the last year amidst the pandemic.

Uttering that BNP leaders spread confusions over COVID19 inoculation though they took the jabs, Hasan said, "We want their sound health and hope that they would also take booster dose," he added.

He said, “The countrymen have rejected the destructive politics of BNP. They (BNP) took shelter of destructive politics in 2013, 2014 and 2015 when they killed people through arson attacks.”

Hasan said, “The people of Bangladesh have refused their destructive politics and they would resist them if they (BNP) want to carry out such types of destruction again.”

Earlier, the minister virtually addressed the function of distributing sheep and construction materials among the ethnic groups, bicycles and scholarships among students under special assistance of the Prime Minister's Office, awards among the winners and the vaccination programme for the 12- year to 18-year students of his own constituency Ranguniya Upazila.

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