Govt aid for poor inadequate: GM Quader

| Updated: April 03, 2020 16:49:50

Govt aid for poor inadequate: GM Quader

Jatiya Party Chairman GM Quader on Tuesday said the government’s aid programmes for the poor and destitute badly affected by the coronavirus-induced shutdown are inadequate.

In a statement, he called upon the wealthy persons to extend their helping hands to mitigate the sufferings of the hapless people, reports UNB.

“The people who earn their daily bread through hard work have been hit hard by the social isolation enforced to prevent the coronavirus. The government has taken various programmes to help the extreme poor, but those are not adequate in many cases as many are being deprived of this facility,” the JaPa chief said.

 “That’s why it’s now imperative to stand beside the poor who are in danger following the efforts to make Bangladesh free from coronavirus,” he observed.

Describing coronavirus as a global disaster, Quader said the humanitarian values of people must be awakened to overcome it. “The solidarity, brotherhood and compassion of people can relieve the hardship of the extreme poor.”

He called upon the wealthy people to distribute food among the hapless people maintaining personal safety and hygiene.

The Jatiya Party chairman also urged his party leaders and activists to help the poor people as per their ability.

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