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Govt improving waterways to streamline goods transportation, PM says

| Updated: February 25, 2021 18:36:22

Govt improving waterways to streamline goods transportation, PM says

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has said the government is working to improve the waterways of Bangladesh to ensure that the transportation of goods on both the domestic and international fronts can be carried out smoothly, reports bdnews24.com.

The prime minister made the remarks while addressing the 'Mujib Year Graduation Parade' of the 55th batch cadets of Bangladesh Marine Academy via video link from Ganabhaban on Thursday.

“We are making our river waterways more developed and mobile by restoring the navigability of our rivers so that we can transport goods very smoothly both domestically and internationally. We are paying special attention to that.”

Highlighting the government's commitment to taking the country forward, Hasina said, “Bangladesh is a riverine country. On top of that, we also have a huge sea. The Father of the Nation enacted the Maritime Boundary Act in 1974 but unfortunately, those who came to power after 1975 did not take any initiative in this regard. General Ziaur Rahman, General Ershad or Khaleda Zia took no initiative."

"Since coming to power, the Awami League has taken initiatives and achieved huge maritime boundaries, which can be utilised for the economic development of the country. Moreover, our Bay of Bengal is a very important channel. Many of the world's businesses run through there.”

Addressing the cadets, Hasina said that the government is working to create training opportunities by focusing on getting the highest standard of education to keep pace with the competitive world.

"I hope that all those who will enter the workplace today after completing their training will abide by the laws, regulations or maritime laws of the country no matter where they work. We have to have a sense of discipline and apply ourselves sincerely in the workplace so that the reputation of Bangladesh at home and abroad remains intact. ”

Reminding the cadets of the bloodshed and sacrifices made by millions of martyrs to achieve Bangladesh's independence, the prime minister said, “Our cadets are entering a new realm. We have to continue to maintain the standards of the country at home and abroad. At the same time, when we go to any other country, we have to share our values and our culture while bringing some good education from those places. You have to fulfil your responsibilities with honesty, efficiency and conscientiousness so that the image of Bangladesh abroad remains bright."

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