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Fatteners frustrated with unsold cattle

| Updated: July 28, 2021 08:59:21

Photo shows the unsold cattle at Bashkutha village under Magura sadar upazila — FE Photo Photo shows the unsold cattle at Bashkutha village under Magura sadar upazila — FE Photo

Magura cattle fatteners are passing worrisome days with their unsold animals during Eid-ul-Azha.

Eid-ul-Azha was observed on July 21. According to district livestock department, a total of 29,550 cattle were fattened in the district to sell those in Eid market. But a total of 21,600 cattle have been slaughtered in the district during Eid while about 1200 cattle were sold outside Magura.

Consequently, 6,750 cattle are unsold and they remain with the fatteners. The unsold cattle have become a matter of concern among the fatteners in the district.

Golam Rasul, a fattener of village Akshi under Magura sadar upazila, said, "I fattened five cattle to sell in Eid market. Though I was able to sell two cattle, three are still under my occupation for want of buyers. I took a loan of Tk 0.1 million from a local NGO. But I am unable to repay my loan as three cattle still remain unsold. I am spending Tk 200 per day for the fodder of the three cattle. On the other hand, loan interest is increasing day by day".

Another cattle fattener Noim Mirza of village Jagdal under Magura sadar upazila said, "I fattened 10 cattle to sell in Eid market . But 04 cattle are still unsold for want of purchasers. Every year I take my cattle to the capital city for sale. But this year I did not send my cattle to Dhaka as five cattle died while they were being transported to Dhaka from Magura due to scorching heat."

"Scorching heat discouraged many other fatteners to send their cattle outside Magura by truck. Consequently, we took our cattle to local haats. As a large number of cattle were fattened in the district, many cattle remained unsold".

On contact, Shafiqur Rahman, Palli Prokriti (an NGO) executive director, said, "Last year, fatteners throughout the country faced loss due to fall in cattle price. This year, they are incurring loss too. Repeated loss has driven the cattle fatteners into a grim situation. Cattle fatteners are now facing a hard time. Government should provide them with incentive for their survival".

District livestock officer Dr Md Hadiuzzaman said, "Every year some cattle remain unsold after Eid-ul-Azha. These cattle will be sold gradually. So fatteners need not to be worried. However we are ready to provide them with incentive if we give such instruction from the government".

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