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Police say woman killed husband over second wife, cut off limbs

| Updated: June 08, 2021 18:24:33

Police say woman killed husband over second wife, cut off limbs

Moyna Mia, the man whose body has been found in several pieces over the last two days from Dhaka’s Mohakhali and Banani areas, was killed by his first wife.

Enraged by her husband for spending more time with his second wife, Fatema Begum Shilpi killed him, Harunor Rashid, joint commissioner of the police’s Detective Branch, said in a news briefing on Tuesday.

Fatema served Moyna juice laced with a sedative that knocked him unconscious before gagging him and slitting his throat, he said. Later, she used a machete and cut Moyna’s body into six pieces.

A torso with its hands, feet and head missing was found in a plastic drum near the Mohakhali wet market in the Banani Police Station area on Sunday night. Witnesses said someone had left the drum there while it was raining, reports bdnews24.com.

The hands and feet were found in a bag at the Mohakhali bus terminal early on Monday morning. Police used the fingerprints on the mutilated hands to identify Moyna.

Fatema, the man’s first wife, used to live in T&T Colony in Banani, while his second wife Nasreen lives in Kishoreganj. Fatema had worked as a cook in a private office in Banani. Nasreen filed the murder case against Fatema.

Fatema was arrested on Monday afternoon from an office in Banani. Moyna’s head was recovered from Banani Lake later that day, based on the information extracted by the police from the woman.


Moyna had stayed with Fatema at their home since May 23. They had a fight over money and the amount of time he spent with his second wife Nasreen in Kishoreganj.

At one point, Fatema formed a plan to kill him. She bought sleeping tablets from Karail, spiked a glass of juice and gave them to her husband on Friday.

He slept for 24 hours and woke up in the evening. Moyna tried to attack Fatema but could not work up the strength. He cried out for water and Fatema poured the spiked juice into his mouth. When he became unconscious, she tied his hands and gagged his mouth.

When Fatema started to slit his neck with a sharp knife, Moyna began to fight back, scratching her hands and biting her.

At one point, she sat on his chest so she could cut his throat completely, she told police. She spent the entire night beside the dead body and dismembered it into six pieces in the morning, separating them into three sets to hide. She put Moyna’s head in a red bag, the torso in a blue drum and hands and legs in another bag.

Fatema hired a rickshaw and went to Amtali to dispose of the torso. Afterwards she left the bag with Moyna’s hands and legs in front of a bus counter in Mohakhali and returned home. Finally, she took the bag with the head inside and threw it into the Banani Lake from the bridge at Banani Road No. 11.

Police have not identified any accomplice in the murder, but they are searching for the rickshaw puller.

The couple had two children, but Fatema sent them to her father’s home in Mymensingh before the killing.

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