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RCC development works going on at a snail's pace

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Development works under Rajshahi City Corporation are going on at a snail's pace as RCC authorities have failed to repay TK 200 million arrears bills to 60contractors.

RCC authorities have taken up the initiatives to do fresh development works worth Taka 170 million. The works will also be done in credit.

RCC allegedly failed to repay arrears bills of various development works.

RCC sources said, before 2012 RCC did various development works including construction and repairing roads in various city areas.

At least 60 enlisted contractors of RCC who have done the works were still waiting to receive the arrears bills of the works.

Those works which the contractors did five years ago have damaged and carpeting of roads have been removed but the contractors yet to receive any payment for the works, sources added.

RCC sources said, in 2015, RCC received a government fund of Taka 130 million( Taka 13 crore) while last year it received only Taka 12 crore and the government has allocated only Taka seven crore for the current fiscal year.
Meanwhile, RCC authorities have invited a tender for works of Tk 50 million and within next several days, a tender for completion of works of Tk 120 million more will be invited totalling Tk 170 milllion worth tenders will be invited for construction and repair works of city streets. The works will be done on credit and the contractors will receive bills after the fund allocation from the government.

Chief Executive Engineer of RCC said, there is an outstanding bill of Taka 200 million and even if the government's allocation of Tk 70 million was available, it will not be possible to repay the arrears. On the other hand, the condition of city roads is dilapidated and getting from bad to worse.

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