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Derelict Chandpur Railway Hospital building requires renovation

| Updated: November 20, 2021 21:27:16

The railway hospital building in Chandpur district lies in a dilapidated condition — FE Photo The railway hospital building in Chandpur district lies in a dilapidated condition — FE Photo

CHANDPUR: The Chandpur Railway Hospital has remained abandoned for fourteen years. It has been lying in a damaged state after being hit by Cyclone Sidr on November 15, 2007.Since then, no steps have been taken yet to repair or re-build the hospital building.

As this was the only hospital for railway employees in the district town, they and their family do not receive affordable medical facilities on time anymore. Now, many of them have to goto Laksham, an area that is 52 kilometres away from Chandpur Sadar, for taking treatment.

Some of these railway employees alleged that they used to get free treatment there in a short time but now it is not possible. "Trains are sometimes not available, too, to rush to Laksham," said one of them.

"Often, we have to come back from Laksham without treatment because physicians there sometimes remain absent or on leave. Then, we have nothing to do other than taking help of private medical practitioners, paying exorbitant fees," he added.

The worst sufferers of this situation are the elderly, children and pregnant women since they are being deprived of any kind of medicare services at their doorsteps, said veteran railway staff Md. Habibur Rahman.

"The hospital was functional before the Cyclone Sidr. When everything seems to be getting upgraded, seeing this hospital in a shambles is painful. Railway staffs are suffering much for want of a hospital," he added.

Over one thousand railway staffs, particularly fourth class employees, and their families live in Chandpur district railway quarters. As they do not earn much, they are in need of healthcare services arranged by the government, said Habibur Rahman.

The doors, windows and other valuables of the damaged hospital building are being stolen.

The hospital premises are also being eaten up by a big waterbody, where tilapia fish is being cultivated. Bushes have grown like mushrooms, making it an adobe for reptiles and other dangerous insects.

It has also turned into a safe haven for drug addicts.

The approach road to the hospital is becoming narrow day by day for lack of maintenance.

In this situation, railway staffs have demanded that the authorities concerned take immediate steps so that hospital starts functioning again.

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