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Bumper Aman yield makes farmers happy

| Updated: November 25, 2021 10:45:20

Farmers carrying home bundles of Aman paddy after harvesting those from a field at Daudkandi village in Cumilla district — FE Photo Farmers carrying home bundles of Aman paddy after harvesting those from a field at Daudkandi village in Cumilla district — FE Photo

Farmers of Cumilla and Jamalpur districts are happy to achieve bumper production of Aman this season. Meanwhile, peasants are passing busy time harvesting the paddy in full swing in Bogura.

Our Cumilla Correspondent reports, the yield of sown (Bona) and transplanted (Ropa) Aman paddy has been good in six unions of Daudkandi upazila of the district. Farmers said they did not have to spend extra for fertiliser and irrigation this season.

On the other hand, the price of paddy is better in the market. They have benefited by planting Aman this time. Rice harvesting festival is going on in Mohammadpur, Biteswar, Maruka, Daulatpur, Panchgachhia and Maligaon Union of the upazila.

These areas can be seen covered with golden paddy. In addition to harvesting paddy in the village fields, the farmers are busy threshing the crop and making haystacks. Other members of the households are assisting them.

Farmer Qadir Mia, a resident of Manikkandi village in the upazila, said he planted transplanted Aman on 1.2 acres of land after harvesting maize. There has been a bumper yield at lower production cost.

Bachchu Mia, a farmer from the same village, said that he planted Bona Aman on 90 acres of land. He spent Tk 8,000 as production cost. From the land he will get paddy worth about 20,000 taka. On the other hand, straw for cow feed and 'nara' for cooking are added benefit.

Daudkandi Upazila Agriculture Officer Sarwar Zaman said, "The total cultivable land in DaudkandiUpazila is 15,465 hectares. Farmers sowed Aman seeds on 1,470 hectares of land and cultivated transplanted Aman on 315 hectares this year. Farmers got a bumper output and hope to benefit a lot".

BSS reports from Jamalpur, farmers planted T-Aman paddy on 1,08,640 hectares of land in the district which is 680 hectares higher than the target.

Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) office sources said farmers got 3.81 tonnes of high-breed variety against the production target of 3.77 tonnes from per hectare of land and 2.90 tonnes high yielding variety against the production target of 2.735 tonnes from the land.

Alam Molla, a farmer of Daudpur village in Melandah upazila, cultivated T-Aman on eight bighas of land and he got bumper production of T-Aman from his land.

Farmers have already harvested T-Aman on 40,197 hectares of land. Due to favourable weather farmers are getting good yield of Aman paddy this year.

Deputy Director of DAE Nitai Chandra Banik said various incentives were given among small and marginal farmers to increase T-Aman cultivation in the district.

Of the total,31,100 hectares of land were brought under T-Aman cultivation in Jamalpur Sadar upazila, 15,035 hectares in Sarishabari, 16,680 hectares in Melandah, 9,653 hectares in Islampur, 8,500 hectares in Dewanganj, 14,960 hectares in Madarganj and 12,712 hectares in Bakshiganj upazila.

Farmers cultivated High-breed variety on 21,755 hectares, High Yielding Variety on 73,977 hectares and local variety on 12,908 hectares of land.

Deputy Director Nitai Chandra said farmers have started harvesting two varieties of crops and within a week they will start harvesting local variety of T-Aman. Harvesting will be completed by the first week of December.

In Bogura, Aman harvesting is going on in full swing in the district with the expectation of a bumper output this year as the weather was favourable.

Farmers in the district have started harvesting the crop with much enthusiasm as they are getting fare prices of their produce.

Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) sources said about 1,82,000 hectares of land have been brought under Aman cultivation with the production target of 4,94,682 tonnes of rice.

Assistant Agriculture Officer of DAE Farid Ahmed said that the department has given quality Aman seeds, fertilisers and other agri-inputs among the farmers at free of cost. The DAE also provided modern technology and training to the farmers for boosting production.

The government will purchase paddy from the farmers directly, sources said.

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