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Babui, weaver bird, disappearing from Nilphamari

Babui, weaver bird,  disappearing from  Nilphamari

NILPHAMARI, Mar 22: Babui, the bird, better renowned as weaver bird and its artistic nests are disappearing from the district gradually.

The artistic nests of Babui skilfully built with the stalks of grain depict incredible art, ability and skill is very pretty to look at. Plenty of the nests which were remained hanging in date tree, palm tree and cocoanut tree branches are very rarely in existence by now.

A nest of Babui consists of two different parts. In one portion they lay eggs and brought up its offspring and the other part is the gateway.

According to local sources the bird Babui is distinguished into three types such as Dagi Babui, Bangla Babui and Deshi Babui. They eat seeds of grain, tender leaves of plants, vegetables leaves, insects, worms and so on.

Alamgir Hossain, founder of 'Setu Bondhan', one bird loving and bird protection organization of Saidpur municipality said the cause of great concern for extinction of different species of birds include suicidal human activities on the environment such as pollution of soil, pollution of air, pollution of water, shrinking of the water bodies, indiscriminate destruction and alarming decrease of different trees and so on.

Mr Hossain said 'Setu Bondhan' is constantly engaged in raising voice to protect different species of bird in the region which are now in danger to keep their existence due to so many reasons.

Sources said 'Setu Bondhan' is organising anti-environment pollution campaign across the northern region and creating bird loving sentiment in the society and other organisation including non-government organisation (NGO) and so on.  

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