'Enola Holmes 2' is a fun detective film despite Sherlock depiction failures

| Updated: November 07, 2022 17:58:19

'Enola Holmes 2' is a fun detective film despite Sherlock depiction failures

In 2020, Enola Holmes garnered much popularity with the introduction of Millie Bobby Brown as Sherlock Holmes' younger sister solving cases and kicking some action. 

The adaptation from Nancy Springer's 2007 novel was fun to watch: Enola's interesting upbringing by her mother Eudoria (played by Helena Bonham Carter), her struggle to be the strong, independent woman she always wanted to be, and solving cases with brothers Sherlock and Mycroft. 

But the film faced harsh criticism for humorously depicting Sherlock. The sequel tries to be better than the previous one by solving mysteries with ties to real history and including Sherlock more in the plot.

Even though Enola played a major role in solving the famous Tewkesbury case, she is still under the shadow of her famous brother. 

She opens a detective agency but hardly gets any clients; everyone is looking for Sherlock instead and doesn't want to hire her simply because she is a woman in Victorian England. In her struggle to be as good a detective as her brother is, she gets the task of finding a missing person, which eventually leads to a historic event for women's workplace safety rights.

Enola investigates the missing case of Sarah Chapman, who is suspected of hiding after stealing evidence from the match factory she worked at. 

At first, it looked like a simple missing person case, but it turns out Sarah is the target of some influential people in London. So what does Sarah have on them? Why are they trying to catch her at all costs? 

Enola tries to find out until her investigation collides with Sherlock's case of swindling and corruption. Together, they get into trouble and discover their cases are bigger than they look.

This sequel to the Enola Holmes series is more intriguing than before. Sherlock gets much more screen time, so the audience can see the world's greatest detective in action. 

Sherlock isn't a character of emotions; he is a cold-blooded, level-headed, sociopath detective. 

But in this sequel, Henry Cavil's Sherlock has some emotions; he has a sense of humour, engages in witty banter with his sister, and cares for her safety. Despite making an effort to be the beloved Sherlock Holmes, this depiction may disappoint Sherlock fans.

Enola Holmes 2 has no shortage of adventure, witty crime-solving, and some entertaining action. Even though the film might not have the best Sherlock Holmes, it is a good enough detective film to watch with family.

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