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Swayong strides further in fighting social injustice

| Updated: May 11, 2021 18:31:01

Team Swayong and invited guests in website launching programme Team Swayong and invited guests in website launching programme

Swayong, an online community, has launched its own website, over a zoom session. By launching the website on Friday, Swayong touches another milestone in achieving its common goal which is to dismantle social injustices through storytelling.

Swayong’s website is launched to give the platform of its own existence, gain credibility, upload stories and blogs on its own platform, and reach a wider audience i.e. storytellers from different countries, prospective donors, and possible partnerships, says a media release.

Banasree Mitra Neogi, gender advisor of Manusher Jonno Foundation, Siddhartho Goswami, IDEA Project of ICT Division, Khadiza Tul Qubra Binte Ahsan, founder of WeMen View, founders of different organisations, development professionals, communication experts, Swayong storytellers, and well-wishers, were among virtually presented at the launching ceremony.

Ms. Mitra remarked, “Loved seeing the innovative initiative by the young and driven Team of Swayong. It is unthinkable how much they have achieved in just a year. I am thrilled to meet a committed, inspiring, and diverse group of people at this launch.”

“Stories are important because the more you talk, the more taboos are broken. Hence, what Swayong is doing is so important and timely for us,” mentioned Siddhartho Goswami.

Swatil Binte Mahmud, the founder of Swayong, expressed her happiness and satisfaction to see Swayong come this far.

“We started as a platform to share real-life stories from real people to dismantle social injustice through storytelling. Now, we are a community collectively fighting against injustice and discrimination.”

Suravita Basak Neha, coordinator, graphic and illustration of Swayong, shared, “Initially I was very excited and anxious at the same time when my team and I started designing the website. However, after five months, with the help of my team, I have successfully designed Swayong's website, and I am ecstatic. I hope that Swayong will reach out to more people and keep doing this amazing work.”

Swayong aims to dismantle social injustices through one story at a time. It wants to create safe, inclusive, and constructive spaces for conversation and growth. Its content encourages people to interact meaningfully with sensitive topics, breaking down inhibitions about ‘shameful’ issues. Swayong envisions a society where stories of injustice and discrimination are told and heard.

The writer is currently studying Economics at Bangladesh University of Professionals. [email protected]

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