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Learn to dance, dance to learn

| Updated: May 06, 2021 00:03:14

Learn to dance, dance to learn

To many people, dancing is all about tapping feet, clapping hands, drumming with fingers, and swaying with bodies with the rhythm of music. But in its truest form, dancing is an art imbued with aesthetics that is made purposefully to reflect a sequence of human emotions. Dancing is a powerful mode of expression and impulse.
Dance is one true constant of human beings. It was there even before the invention of language.A big number of anthropologists believe that social, celebratory and ritual dances are one of the most essential factors of the development of early human civilisations.
Indian subcontinent has a profound history of manifestation of dance. First archeological evidence of dance comes from the nine thousand years old cave paintings found in India. India is the birthplace of several classical dance forms including Bharatanatyam, Kathak, Manipuri, Kuchipudi, and Odissi. Hence, the tendency of keeping association with dance or sending children to dance schools is much higher in India compared to Bangladesh.
In primitive times, the sole purpose of dancing was to express emotions or needs, since they were unable to talk or write. But in the modern era, the purposes served by dancing are beyond that. Dancing is considered a healthy activity, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Dance improves balance and coordination. Better posture can be attained through dance lessons as well. One may also add grace and refine one's movements through dancing.
Dance is an art, as well as a sport. About 250 to 450 calories can be burnt per hour through dancing. Also dance helps people to stay in shape. So taking dance class is a passionate alternative to joining a gym. Not only that, dancing can be a healthy alternative of meditation as well since it helps to relax body muscles and increase blood flow. According to a study done by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, New York, dancing is the only physical exercise found to be effective in slowing the onset of Alzheimer, dementia and Parkinson's.
"Dance makes me happy; makes me unleash myself. Whenever I dance I feel like I'm adoring my soul," shares Debolina Roya Bela, a professional dancer and a student of Beltala Girls' High School. To create something artistic like dancing, she believes, a good environment is a must, which can be found in a dance school. Also, one must be passionate about learning it properly.
Twink Carol, a professional dancer and a content creator, used to be very shy and socially awkward before she enrolled herself into dance classes. Dancing in a group and mixing with different types of people at dance classes helped her overcome social anxiety. This is indeed an effective way of socialising as Carol made some lifetime friends from her dance school.
"Growing up, I gradually realised that dancing is the biggest passion of my life. Hence I took dance as my major when I got admitted into Dhaka University. I believe this is how one should treat her passion," remarked Carol.
Learning to dance academically opens up new career choices. One can get paid to be a dancer and dancing is a great way to branch out professionally. This is a job that requires a lot of work, and it can reward a person with both fame and money. The best thing about it is that anyone can begin learning to dance at any age. There are separate classes for kids, teens, and adults divided into categories like beginners, intermediates, even experts. Intensive courses, private lessons or group classes are also some viable options if one wants to choose.
"Dance took me to places. I have danced home and abroad. It's been 19 years I have been involved in dancing and I believe dance makes me stand out in a crowd," say another passionate dancer and a student of University of Saskatchewan, Husna Rahman Audhora.
Husna has represented her country abroad and won medals as well when she was a student at BUET. She takes dancing as sincerely as her academic education. "I used to have three hours of written exams for dancing. It is just like academic courses. I am blessed to have the opportunity to learn dance in such a way. It makes a huge difference at the end of the day," added the passionate dancer.
Even though there are numerous good reasons for someone to take dancing lessons, one should do so only if one considers it fun and enjoys doing it. Dancing is an all and all emotional outlet and a fun voyage.

Kaniz is a fourth year student of Geography and Environment at University of Dhaka.
Email: [email protected]

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