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Giving advice

| Updated: April 07, 2021 22:29:31

Giving advice

Most of the time, the dos and don'ts of life are advised with the sheer intention of enhancing growth through better decision making and lifestyle changes. However, what follows either ends up with a horrible output or betterment of actions.

During the early twenties, when everyone steps into the initial commencement of adulthood, the infamous advice, "Follow your heart" vibrates through the millennials. The breakdown of this advice does not take any consideration for logic or reasoning. It's almost biased towards emotions, which do play a key role in decision making. However, a sense of purpose with the base of reasoning strengthens the actions taken.

While growing up in Asian sub-continental culture, "Do not talk to strangers," is recited to everyone on a daily basis. Now, people are using ride sharing apps with complete strangers by only seeing a rating from the app. It is terrible advice to follow if an individual is an adult because this modern era requires people to have strong communication skills.

"Take the high road" is a very mature way of handling most situations when one is uncomfortable. However, it is necessary to speak from the mind in order to relay opinions, better options and perspectives. This advice in general will vary from one situation to another, but should not be used as a permanent getaway from situations.

"Don't take things personally" is another way to ask someone to suppress their emotions. Criticism is always welcome; however, if one gets hurt in the process, their emotions are as valid as the criticism itself. Saying that, actions and reactions are almost triggered through the drive of a person, and for healthy actions, a healthy mind is always required.

"Live like every day is your last" is one way of bidding farewell to savings. The proper key to living your life without any regrets is to be calculative even though it might require an individual to sit through life for some time. Sustainability and proper allocation of time and money are rewarding in the long run. But that doesn't necessarily mean the person isn't living his life.

Nevertheless, while providing advice, it is necessary to take into account the personality, mentality, characteristics of the person receiving it. Otherwise, one might simply brush off the words and laugh it off.

The writer is a student at BRAC University.
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