Tk 2.02t ADP in FY20

Published: June 13, 2019 20:27:07 | Updated: June 14, 2019 10:41:31

The government has allocated Tk 2.02 trillion (Tk 2,02,721 crore) as Annual Development Programme (ADP) outlay in the proposed national budget for FY20 giving highest priority to the transport sector.

“Regional parity, human resource development, infrastructural development and quality of expenditure have been given priority in the allocation for the annual development programme,” said Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal while placing his maiden national budget in parliament on Thursday.

Kamal, in his budget speech, said he proposed to allocate, from the annual development programme, 27.4 per cent for human resource (education, health and related others), 21.5 per cent for the overall agriculture sector (agriculture, rural development, water resources, and related others), 13.8 per cent for power and energy sector, 26 per cent for communication (roads, rails, bridges, and related other communications) and 11.3 per cent for other sectors.

Earlier, the National Economic Council (NEC) in a meeting with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in the chair approved a Tk 2.02 trillion Annual Development Programme (ADP) outlay for the next fiscal.

In terms of sector-wise allocation, the transport sector received the highest ADP allocation of Tk 528 billion (Tk 52,806 crore) or 26.05 per cent of the original ADP.

The Transport sector was followed by power sector with Tk 260 billion  (Tk 26,017 crore) or 12.83 per cent of original ADP while Taka 24,324 crore or 12 per cent of the original ADP was proposed for physical planning, water supply and housing sector.

Out of the original ADP size, Tk 1.30 trillion (Tk 1,30,921 crore) will come from the government’s own resources while the remaining Tk 718 billion (Tk 71,800 crore) from project assistance.

However, incorporating the autonomous bodies and corporation’s own fund of Tk  123.92 billion (Tk 12,392.73 crore), the overall ADP size reached Tk  2.15 trillion ( Tk 2,15,113.73 crore).

The new ADP for FY20 has some 1,475 projects including 1,358 investment projects, 116 technical assistance projects and one project from the Japan Debt Cancellation Fund (JFCF).

Besides, there are some 89 projects which would be implemented by autonomous bodies and corporations. Earlier on May 8, the draft ADP size was finalised at an extended meeting of the Planning Commission with Planning Minister MA Mannan in the chair, reports BSS.

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