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Record amount of illicit money legalised

| Updated: July 11, 2021 10:17:47

Record amount of illicit money legalised

A total of 11,859 people whitened their black money worth Tk 206 billion under a blanket opportunity in the just concluded fiscal year (FY).

It is the highest amount of undisclosed money legalised since the independence, officials said.

The National Board of Revenue (NBR) received taxes worth Tk 20 billion as it collected a flat rate of 10 per cent tax under the money whitening provision.

The disclosed money was invested in terms of investment in share market, cash, bank deposits, debentures, flat, land or other areas, according to a provisional data of NBR.

Of the total, the highest amount whitened in cash, bank deposits and other securities, followed by investment in apartment or house properties and land.

Some 7,055 individuals have whitened their money in cash, debenture and bank deposits etc. paying tax worth Tk 16.83 billion.

They have disclosed money worth Tk 168 billion under the scheme.

However, only 286 individuals disclosed Tk 4.0 billion and invested in the capital market.

Some 1,645 people have whitened money worth Tk 19.70 billion and invested in land while some 2,873 people disclosed Tk 14.4 billion and purchased flat, apartments or house properties.

In the month of June last, the taxmen received impressive responses from the undisclosed money holders as many of them rushed to whiten the money, apprehending that the blanket opportunity would expire on June 30, 2021.

Field level tax officials said the amnesty that barred other authorities to raise question about the source of money might have encouraged the individuals to disclose their money.

He said the taxmen also motivated the undisclosed money holders to avail the opportunity under the scheme to avoid legal complexities in future.

Government officials, including retired ones, garment factory owners and other businesses disclosed the highest amount of money worth Tk 16.77 billion and paid Tk 1.67 billion in taxes under the tax zone-4. Some 479 individuals disclosed their money under the zone.

A total of 31 large taxpayers, mainly sponsor directors of banks, have disclosed money worth Tk 15.27 billion by paying Tk 1.52 billion in taxes last FY.

Some 739 physicians have disclosed their money under the opportunity, paying taxes worth Tk 1.42 billion.

Some 611 individuals including car importers, garments owners, gold traders, jewellers and contractors disclosed money worth Tk15.3 billion under zone-1 in Dhaka.

Until May 25, 2021, some 10,404 people disclosed their money availing the blanket opportunity offered on July 1, 2020.

The government received taxes worth Tk 14.45 billion against some Tk 144.59 billion whitened under the opportunity.

In 2005-06 to 2019-20 period, a total of Tk 145.95 billion undisclosed income has been formalized under such opportunities.

Tax officials said although the money whitening facility extended in the current FY with imposing conditions, the taxmen might not get response like the last FY due to high rate of taxes.

In the month of June, some1,455 individuals disclosed money worth Tk6.19 billion under the scheme.

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