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Bangladesh sixth highest recipient of remittance from UAE

| Updated: October 18, 2019 15:38:55

Lankabangla and Fianancial Express Lankabangla and Fianancial Express
BD sixth highest recipient of remittance from UAE

Bangladesh became the sixth highest recipient of remittance from the United Arab Emirates in the first half of 2019.

The Bangladeshi expatriates made up 3.7 per cent of earnings made by migrants in the UAE during the period, Khaleej Times reports.

Expatriates' remittances from the UAE amounted to Dh80.96 billion during the period, it said citing figures released by the UAE central bank.

A total of Dh33.046 billion thereof was transferred through money exchange companies and the rest from the banks operating in the country, the Dubai-based daily added.

Indians took home the crown as the top-receiving country for earnings made by migrants, comprising 37.2 per cent of total remittances during Q2, in the oil-rich country.

They are followed by Pakistanis 10.5 per cent, Filipinos, 7.2 per cent, in the third place, with Egyptians making up 6.3 per cent, UK nationals, 3.8 per cent,

Bangladeshis, 3.7 per cent, US nationals, 3.3 per cent, Jordanians 2.6 per cent, the Swiss, 2.2 per cent and finally Chinese, 1.5 per cent.


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